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Best In-house Digital Agency

The Best of Local Media Insider Awards recognize business innovation that supports local media sites. This awards category looks for  agencies that utilize best practices, make money, offer innovative combinations and contribute to the long term success of media companies. Judging criteria includes number of accounts and/or revenues from initiatives. For website and sales package, please include visuals.

Entry is free and winners are recognized in Local Media Insider, with a free annual pass and entry to the Virtual Awards Ceremony.  Knock us out!  The drop-down window will have the following categories:

  • Best agency for SMB's
  • Best agency for high end clientele
  • Best agency for content marketing
  • Best agency website
  • Best agency sales package
  • Most innovative agency offerings
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Judging criteria for best agency, workshop and sales package include revenues and number of accounts sold. For media kit, sales packages and workshops, please include visuals.
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